Headshot portraits for Dow Chemicals by Red Deer photographer

I recently spent some time with the site manager from the Dow Chemicals plant north east of Red Deer, and a number of his staff. Shu Hui moved to Canada last fall to become the Site Manager after spending a number of years with Dow Chemicals in China. Along with his wife, and young son, Shu Hui is enjoying his time in Canada and the learning experiences and challenges that come with the position. During our conversation he compared the environment of his homeland to that of Texas, which I thought was very interesting. Having never visited China, this comparison helped me draw some mental images as I have traveled from one end of Texas to the other. In fact, I drove from San Antonio to Las Cruces, New Mexico, a distance of 680 miles, in one day. Did I mention I was pulling a travel trailer while doing 80 miles an hour and out running a storm? Ahh, good times, love you Texas!

My visit to the Dow Chemicals site started and finished with a stop in the Security shack. I was required to watch a video on safety procedures and sign off on my education before being allowed on site. Being a caffeine junkie I asked the young man working security what the coffee was like in the office. With one hand raised, fingers spread and palm facing down, he waggled his hand much like a Cessna going through turbulence. I took a risk, poured a cup, doctored it up appropriately and settled into the movie. As long as the facility does not go through any major overhauls I am cleared to enter for the next six months.

Rozanna, Shu Hui’s assistant, got me settled in the board room where I was to do the session. After everything was set up she sat for a quick light test and we were off to the races. My first victim of the day was Sam. He has a pretty quick smile, laughs easy and was fairly confident in front of the camera. However, Ragen, the only lady to have headshots done that day, came in right after Sam finished his session. He was wearing a t-shirt underneath his open collared shirt. Ragen wasn’t sure if it looked professional enough, but Sam assured her it was a necessary evil as it kept the chest hair at bay!

Since this event I have also met and photographed a young man’s family for his grad portraits. Both of his parents are engineers working at the Dow facility as well. While not everyone at Dow is an engineer that line of education ranks very high within their walls. I am reminded of a story that a gentleman told me one time. He was a former rocket scientist, an actual engineer with the NASA space program. He liked to joke that he became an engineer because he did not have the personality to be a mortician. Thankfully, the folks I photographed at Dow had ready smiles and great personalities and it was a pleasure meeting them all.

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