Five make up tips for great headshots

Meet Jamie Lavoie. She is a little spit fire with a contagious laugh. You just can’t help but like her when you meet her. These are obviously great personaility traits for someone who often meets people for the first time in their own home. You see, Jamie operates a mobile esthitician service offering to come to your home or location and perform manicures, pedicures, a variety of waxing services, and professional make up enhancements for weddings and special events. You can follow Jamie on Twitter at @jamielee23 or see more of her work on Facebook at Angel Faces Make up Artistry.

The following list comes from Jamie’s creative mind and years of experience. As a professional photographer I can not tell you how many times I wished my clients had hired a make-up artist for their session, but I will save those horror stories for another post! Just know that I have Jamie on speed dial and that her rates for make-up services for headshot portraits are very reasonable. Without further ado, here is Jamie’s list.

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Makeup Artist for your Headshots

1. – Pictures require a little more makeup than you’re used to on a daily basis. You still want to keep the look neutral, just more enhanced.
2. – Men – Lucky for you, full makeup is not needed. However, a dusting of powder can help keep the shine off and even out skin tone.
3. – A makeup artist can ensure skin tones are even and foundation is blended properly.
4. – If makeup has already been applied, a makeup artist can help touch it up and/or do more enhancing if needed.
5. – In some cases, lashes may be required to enhance the eyes and should be applied by a makeup artist to ensure they look natural.

So there ya go. Simple, straightforward – and important. It’s amazing how professional make up can take a good portrait to great. Jamie has been kind enough (and brave enough, haha) to share some before and after selfies of make up application on herself. It is obvious how the eyes come alive but the make up is not excessive, or even distracting, it just enhances.

Jamie laughed when I asked for these images, including a selfie she uses on social media, and I promised I wouldn’t mock her. I am just going to get her to commit to getting in front of my camera the next time we work together, and we will be able to show you how great make up can help us CREATE A HEADSHOT THAT SELLS YOU!

Call me today about updating your corporate and social media imagery, I am blessed to work with a great team of professionals who desire to get you looking your best. I can be reached at (403) 346-3573 or on Twitter at @JonElhard I have been sharing a lot of samples on Instagram lately if you want to see more of our headshot work, just check us out here, @traptowphoto

Talk to you soon!

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