Welcome to Traptow Photography’s corporate photography blog. It is my desire to be the most sought after corporate and business headshot photographer in Central Alberta. An important part of achieving that goal involves educating our potential clients so they are properly prepared for the portrait session. Here is my Top Ten list of clothing do’s and don’ts that will help you look your best.

  1. Your clothing needs to fit properly: This might seem like an obvious statement but ill-fitting clothing can easily ruin an otherwise well-crafted portrait. A lose jacket can “add” weight while something too tight can make you uncomfortable and difficult to pose.
  2. Solid colours are the best option: You should avoid patterns and stripes. Logos are only acceptable if we are marketing your brand specifically. We highly discourage plain white shirts as they draw attention away from the face.
  3. Avoid bright colours: Bright colors can also be distracting. Earth tones and blues are always good, along with pastels and the many shades of gray (Not 50 Shades of Gray, that’s a whole different kind of photo shoot!)
  4. The same rules apply when wearing suits: Stay away from the bright colours. A white shirt can also be distracting, as the viewer’s eye is always drawn to the brightest spot in the image. Be careful when selecting a tie, as well, as the colour or pattern can be quite eye-catching.
  5. Clothing needs to be clean and wrinkle-free: It’s amazing how distracting wrinkles can be, and no, they can’t just be “photoshopped” out, that costs extra! The devil is in the details, so make sure there is no baby food on your blouse, or dog hair on your jacket. We do carry a lint roller with us for last minute fine tuning.
  6. Keep the Bling to a minimum: While jewelry can be a very significant part of a person’s identity it can also be very distracting in a business headshot. Typically small hoops, or studs, are the best choice for earrings. Elegant and understated is generally the best choice for necklaces. This is always open for discussion, as the jewelry can actually make the image “sing” but we need to be careful with it.
  7. Not all business headshots require formal wear: A lot of today’s business owners or job descriptions do not require the shirt and tie look. When creating a personality style of headshot we suggest bringing a variety of shirt styles. Necklines for men include open or closed collars, v-necks or cotton t-shirts with blazers. The ladies have an almost unlimited number of clothing options, but they should stay away from tops that reveal too much. Cleavage serves its purpose on certain websites, but not in the corporate world.
  8. For the ladies: Quite often brightly coloured bras can end up showing through the shirt. For that reason we recommend a light or flesh coloured bra. Let’s keep the attention on you face :)
  9. Stay away from sleeveless or short sleeved tops: The upper arm/shoulder area is as large as the face and can easily draw the viewer’s eyes away. Keep ‘em covered!
  10. It’s good to be comfortable: Not yoga pants and hoodie comfortable, but wear something you are comfortable in (not that I know anything about how comfortable yoga pants are!!) Many people are already nervous about their business portrait session, and being in front of the camera, so wearing something that you are uncomfortable in will come across in your posture and expression. Be comfortable and your confidence will come through in the finished portrait.


For any more questions head over to our contact page and choose your preferred method of communication. I look forward to working with you!